Nsimba Valene Lontanga is a Congolese fashion entrepeneur focused on facilitating creative collaborations between Sub Saharan Africa and the West. She is based in the Netherlands, but spends more time working in West-Africa.

Graduated as a trend researcher and concept developer at the Fontys Academy of Creative Industries in the Netherlands, she has build experience as a trend / consumer insight researcher developing creative brand strategies for companies such as Vlisco Group Bv.

This has led to projects within fashion management and branding as an independent researcher with a good eye for the new and the next.

In 2016 she founded her own brand LIBAYA which launched in 2017. Valene is currently building an online platform where she wants to further create a space to tell good stories from the continent and guide/connect brands and creative individuals who are looking to invest or be inspired by this explorative landscape.