Vlisco & Co Ghana



Vlisco  wants to continue have influence in the future of fashion in Africa and beyond through design and storytelling. They were looking for connection to help the brand  become part of a new emerging creative landscape in Africa.


I researched the new atmosphere of the art, fashion and entertainment scene which resulted in a trend report including individuals that are embracing new norms/values. The stories presented were about new aesthetics and sub-cultures that are challenging the perception people have on fashion in Africa. The ultimate goal was to facilitate fruitful collaborations between unnoticed African talent and Vlisco, as a tool to shape a new African design culture for the brand.


Inspire, enable, creativity and help Vlisco’s design department to find the right direction by understanding their consumers and the opportunities within the local creative scene.

Talent scouting, trend research, guiding designers, event organisation, project management, creative strategy, branding.

Vlisco & Co

A cultural evening that brings together young local creative talents who interpret their own vision of Vlisco designs. Vlisco collaborated with Ghanaian designers, artists and creative talent to join Vlisco&co and explore the future of African print. Read more