Afriek has been introduced as a brand with a sound story that was based on partnership and collaboration with ‘Africa’ through tailors/dressmakers — an added value that has made the brand unique in the Dutch market. Creating a link with Rwanda has resulted in an emotional bond with the continent, a personal story that no one else can easily imitate. As a start-up they were in need of tools which can help create a strong long-term strategy for their global brand.

I helped determining the brand’s DNA, to help the brand tell a new story focused on facilitating collaborations and creating with Africans without loosing the Dutch essence. This translates into novel collaborations between Africa and the West, exploring differences and common ground to build new aesthetics that are pushing outside perceptions involving both worlds. The brand guideline presents how the brand can bring cultures together, connect identities and tell authentic stories of unique individuals.

In partnership with my former studio Stories of Near

Developing a brand strategy that will create a multi-dimensional brand experience for the Africa consumer. Re-branding and (re)launching the brand to spread a new vision, define the ‘Afriek community’ to create revealing stories that add value and meaning to the brand.