Art direction, Set design and Styling

Still life series

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A still life series that illustrates the diversity of African Identities within the diaspora. There is no comprehensive understanding of the idea of the African Identity. By questioning the current notion, we try to dismantle the stereotype of what it means to be African in a Western society.

The bomber jackets in this series embody individuals of African descent, which is also a starting point for showcasing different personalities through different colours and prints. The surrounding objects and garments are a combination of strong cultural heritage and influences from their everyday life in the West. A narrative celebrating being African in a globalised world, whilst being fully immersed and functioning in their surrounding cultures. The editorial in collaboration with ‘DoruNsimba’ presented global brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Dr Martins and many more. Featured on Design Indaba. Photography by Janneke Kroon. 

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