Trend research & Creative strategy


In Vlisco’s design archives there are over 25,000 designs that relate to the rich history of African prints. These archives are still every day a shrine for Vlisco designers. But as Vlisco looks for inspiration from tomorrow as well as from yesterday they asked me to work on a new concept to connect with the new generation of culture creators. Shaping the future of fashion together with Vlisco. 

Nsimba Valene studio did a trend research and presented a new creative strategy for the brand. This  resulted in a vision and concept proposal  focused on creating a new design culture for Vlisco together with African talent. Starting with the launch of the Vlisco&co initiative in Accra. A cultural evening that brings together young local creative talents who interpret their own vision of Vlisco designs. I scouted new talent and facilitated the collaboration between Vlisco and African designers, artists and other creative talent. The brand currently adapted the strategy co-creating with African creative professionals to forge new expressions and influence the future of fashion with new stories.
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