Jul 6, 2018


It all starts with having a vision. A sensitive matter and journey that encourages creating the brand: YOU. After all it remains a question that is hard to answer for a lot of people – but I discovered that this answer could be found very near to you, when I discovered the importance of having a purpose.

‘’Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself’’

Last week I had the privilege to inspire a group of young female entrepreneurs to find this answer. Using the word privileged as I see it as a special right to activate people who strive to become the game-changers of tomorrow. When I was asked by #iamshero.org to host a master class fashion strategy in the student hotel in Eindhoven; I immediately thought about what I wished someone told me before embarking on this creative journey having my own brand besides working as trend researcher and creative strategist.
It made me reflect on my desire to always develop and realize innovative solutions through the shared ambition of improving the world. Which has everything to do with creative leadership. While embarking on this journey I came to understand that leadership starts with having a clear purpose.
So the past period I’ve been going through a meaningful exercise of describing my purpose guided by two professionals in the field of brand design. And together we started out framing my professional personal brand. A process guided by a brand blue print to discover the meaningful layer of my business.

‘’It’s never too late to do the right thing’’

So when I was asked to give a master class in Eindhoven, I knew I had to share my new insights to inspire others to also move into the ‘right’ direction. Which is aligned to my ambition of being a creative leader. Regardless of the expectations people had of a master class ‘fashion strategy’, I wanted to surprise the group.  Since a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim, the only thing I had to be sure of was to present something that would help the class create a sustainable plan to achieve their goals for the future. Eventually, I designed a workshop that is personal, with great insights of what is happening in the world so that they could move into to not only the good direction but also the right direction. Inspired by my journey.
Yet, how do you make sure you are doing the right thing? One of my favourite quotes by Steve jobs tells that your time is limited and you shouldn’t waste it on living someone else his life. Which reminds me to do things that touch your own spirit and mind, which is the right way to add value in today’s zeitgeist. All this together shaped my final presentation and master class PERSONAL FASHION STRATEGY.
The master class, which was in the fullness of my personal story, unveiled tools to shape your story (who you are), define your expertise (what you are good at) and help you position yourself in a fast-changing world (what is happening around you?). Answers to help you move into a professional direction that will have a long-lasting impact and is connected to who you want to be.

‘’Be the change you want to see in the world’’

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 12.06.55 PM

My goal with the master class is to open people’s perspectives, in order to start seeing business as something that can make a social impact. Help people understand that their personal story matters in a world that is in need of cultural diversity, while training their minds to spot patterns of change in the world. The master class personal fashion strategy isn’t only directed at creative professionals in the business of fashion, but aimed to improve the quality and meaning of businesses in any industry. You could also look at is as being your professional personal strategy.
With a satisfied and divers audience of writers, entrepreneurs and artists I achieved to help creative professionals understand the importance of having a professional personal strategy, which will help create a plan of action to take a meaningful position in a complex and fast changing world. A group that is now motivated to find their own purpose – way – and impact! A group that will soon give answer to who they want to become in life.

What is your professional personal strategy?